Saturday, September 17

Reminder: Victoria Cross: Lt George Fiott Day, RN, of HMS Recruit, ... @ Sat 17 Sep 14:00 - 15:00 (On This Day)

Victoria Cross: Lt George Fiott Day, RN, of HMS Recruit, on 17 September 1855 at Genitichi, was put ashore from a rowing boat to reconnoitre the bridge, batteries and enemy gun boats on the Spit of Arabat. He went alone and after covering four or five miles of swampy ground, sometimes up to his thighs in water, he got to within 200 yards of the enemy position, where he found that the gun boats appeared to be under-manned and lightly defended. He returned to his ship convinced that a surprise attack was possible, but had to abandon this plan when he returned on 19 September and found the enemy on the alert and the gun boats fully manned.

Sat 17 Sep 14:00 – 15:00 Athens
Henichesk, Ukraine (map)
On This Day
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