Friday, July 13

Notification: Victoria Cross: citations for Lieutenant George Dare Dowe... @ Fri 13 Jul 2018 12:30 - 13:30 (EEST) (On This Day)

Victoria Cross: citations for Lieutenant George Dare Dowell, Royal Marine Artillery, and Captain of the Mast George Henry Ingouville. July 13, 1855, at the Fort of Viborg in the Gulf of Finland, when an explosion occurred in one of the cutters of HMS Arrogant, Lieutenant Dowell, who was on board HMS Ruby, took three volunteers and went, under very heavy fire to the assistance of the cutter. He took up three of the crew, and having rescued the rest and also Ingouville, he then towed the stricken boat out of enemy gun range. Ingouville, although wounded, had jumped overboard, swam round to the boat's bows, took hold of the painter and tried to turn the cutter out to sea.

Fri 13 Jul 2018 12:30 – 13:30 Athens
Vyborg, Finland (map)
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